The Lives of Writers

Lindsay Hunter [Host: Aaron Burch]

Episode Summary

Aaron Burch interviews Lindsay Hunter. Topics include: Halloween, the prospect of sex as a teen, a love of acting, the Quickies! reading series, books that are fun to write, her first book DADDY'S, Zach Dodson, her podcast I'M A WRITER BUT, the new novel HOT SPRINGS DRIVE, Roxane Gay, trusting plot, the body, accidentally writing a mystery, and more.

Episode Notes

On today's episode of The Lives of Writers, Aaron Burch interviews Lindsay Hunter.

Lindsay Hunter is the author most recently of the novel Hot Springs Drive (Roxane Gay Books, 2023). She's also the author of two story collections, Daddy's and Don't Kiss Me, and the novels Ugly Girls and Eat Only When You're Hungry. She hosts the literary podcast I'm A Writer, But.

Aaron Burch is the author of the essay collection A Kind of In-Between and editor of How to Write a Novel: An Anthology of 20 Craft Essays About Writing, None of Which Ever Mention Writing, both from Autofocus Books. He's also the author of several other books, including the novel, Year of the Buffalo. He is currently the editor of Short Story, Long and the co-editor of WAS (Words & Sports) and HAD. 


PART ONE, topics include:

-- Lindsay's love of Halloween

-- Lindsay at 16 

-- the prospect of sex as teen with a Christian upbringing

-- first wanting to be an actress but always writing

-- Lindsay's history hosting Quickies! and performing readings

-- writing that's fun to write

-- her book DADDY'S coming out of the reading series

-- truly seeing in your writing

--  working with Zach Dodson of Featherproof Books

-- co-starting the podcast I'M A WRITER BUT 

-- recently experiencing burnout


PART TWO, topics include:

--a reading of the beginning of HOT SPRINGS DRIVE

-- working with Roxane Gay on the novel for her new imprint

-- figuring out the structure of the new novel

-- trusting the plot and pushing herself

-- leveling up

-- writing about sex and food and the body

-- point of view in the novel

-- accidentally writing a mystery

-- new works in progress


Podcast theme music  by Mike Nagel, author of Duplex and Culdesac. Here's his music project: Yeah Yeah Cool Cool.

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Episode and show artwork by Amy Wheaton.