The Lives of Writers

Tyler Dempsey [Host: Michael Wheaton]

Episode Summary

Michael Wheaton interviews Tyler Dempsey. Topics include: the Bureau of Land Management, Another Fucking Writing Podcast, sobriety and non-sobriety, living and wanting or not wanting to die, years in Alaska, his brother's arrest and NEWSPAPER DRUMSTICKS, his novel CONSUMPTION AND OTHER VICES, another new novel, and more.

Episode Notes

On today's episode of The Lives of Writers, Michael Wheaton interviews Tyler Dempsey.

Tyler Dempsey is the author of Newspaper Drumsticks, Time as a Sort of Enemy, Consumption & Other Vices, and Will We All Still See Each Other Afterward. He hosts Another Fucking Writing Podcast.

Michael Wheaton is the publisher of Autofocus Books and producer of The Lives of Writers.


PART ONE, topics include:

-- working for the Bureau of Land Management  

-- search and rescue volunteer work

-- starting his Another Fucking Writing Podcast

-- the monologue development process for his show

-- influential podcasts for inspiring and evolving Tyler's and Michael's

-- Tyler finding sobriety after living in rural Alaska for many years and wanting to die

-- Michael's own issues around similar but different shit


PART TWO, topics include:

-- more about Tyler's time in Alaska

-- his brother's arrest and his relationship with him before and after

-- his book of poems from his brother letters, Newspaper Drumsticks

 -- the story of his novel Consumption and Other Vices finding publication

-- a propelling voice and dreamlike-ness

-- a new autofiction novel based around his dark time in Alaska


Podcast theme music provided by Mike Nagel, author of Duplex. Here's more of his project: Yeah Yeah Cool Cool.

The Lives of Writers is edited and produced by Michael Wheaton.